Women Empowerment Workshop Hosted by IIM Jammu

Women Empowerment

Dr. Rashmi Singh, Commissioner, State Taxes Department, was the main speaker at a session on women empowerment held by the Indian Institute of Management Jammu (IIM), Jammu.

As per Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision, the workshop addressed gender stereotypes and prejudice while highlighting the important role played by women in development.

Professor B.S. Sahay, Director of IIM Jammu, along with personnel, officers, instructors, and students from the institute honored the occasion.

Dr. Rashmi Singh gave a powerful speech about the obstacles women encounter and the need to reject gender stereotypes. Using her wealth of experience, she urged the attendees to reject preconceptions, celebrate diversity, and actively support programs that advance gender equality. She also stressed the significance of Women Lead Development, an idea supported by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Professor B.S. Sahay emphasized that empowering women is essential to long-term progress and goes beyond just being a social responsibility. At IIM Jammu, we are dedicated to developing leaders who recognize the value of gender equality and actively work to create a future in which each person has an equal chance to succeed.

The audience was moved by Dr. Rashmi Singh’s remarks, which had a lasting impression and motivated everyone to work together to create a community that is more inclusive and equal. She gave participants new insight into society standards and motivated them to create an atmosphere that supports fair possibilities for all.

The program offered a forum for thought-provoking conversations, illuminating the obstacles encountered by women across many fields and investigating approaches to foster a more welcoming community. The participants took an active part in the discussion, offering their opinions and views on how to support women’s empowerment in their specialized industries and responsibilities.

The institute’s commitment to developing socially conscious leaders who enhance society is demonstrated by this brainstorming session. IIM Jammu keeps up its commitment to fostering a learning environment that extends beyond academics to address the larger possibilities and challenges of the world by holding events that address significant themes like gender equality.

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