Vanitha Joshi: Crafting Your Dream Homes Artistic Luxury For Your Lifetime

Vanitha Joshi
Vanitha Joshi

Dreaming in life and living in your dream is a journey every dreamer must walk on their own. Surely there will be umpteenth challenges, obstacles, and hurdles on the way to transforming that dream into reality. Again the dreamer would meet storms of adversities and avalanches of difficulties.

However, if the dreamer’s foundation of dream is integrated into their very being, then they will ultimately emerge triumphant. The foundation of Vanitha Joshi’s entire journey of becoming an award-winning Interior Designer, MD, and Founder of D’Canvas, was her eternal love for colours.

It’s been three and a half years since Vanitha discovered her passion by learning and pushing herself to the extent where she learned through all her flaws and firms. Vanitha recalls, “The initial days of designing during my internship were filled with challenges from long hours of work to scrapped designs.”

Feeling Passion’s Fierce Fire

The desire to have her own design space and freedom of creativity with limitless possibility turned into Vanitha’s passion. Passion is not about what you love or just dream of; rather, it is what can push you to all the extents and fight for it.

Vanitha adds, “I used to feel my passion to work for myself and its fierce fire every day.”

Freelancing is how the journey began and being able to make her client’s imagination a reality gave Vanitha’s passion its ultimate moment of compassion. “That’s how D’Canvas was formed, and it’s been six years already, still feeling like yesterday,” shares Vanitha.

Inspiration would be the thought where she wanted to deliver luxury with affordability—trying to make middle-class people’s dream homes a reality. “Architecture and design is the art we live in,” reflects Vanitha.

The Learning Curve of the Design Journey

This journey of design is a learning curve with newer advances and technology—the ability to accept failure and learn from that moving forward. Not limiting the thoughts and continuing striving for newer innovations is the simplicity of this story.

Vanitha’s phase of struggle is still in her and her work because she is that woman entrepreneur who has started from one project design and today has successfully completed 24+ projects as a success story scripted in her life’s book.

Vanitha feels, “Struggle teaches us a lot.” Without them, there is no success written. The struggle was not easy; she started with design, executing, and delivering the same to clients was most challenging and, of course, troubled with managing all simultaneously.

Forging Her Mettle in Challenges Crucible

Challenges were the real content of all of her times. Being a beginner in interior design, it was a great challenge for Vanitha when she was expected to sketch her ideas and plans as per her clients’ needs and match their ideas.

After all, executing the ideas by mismatching both minds presented her work. “Clients’ feedback is always important for me. They uplifted me from what I’m already, to the next pick,” says Vanitha.

Individually handling the entire designing to supervising process and the execution has been Vanitha’s most common challenge in this journey. Being a woman entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges ranging from gender dominance, age-based experience etc.

Transparent Artistry in the Zing of Luxury

Yet her Honesty, Punctuality, and Value for Money with the Zing of Luxury are the professional qualities and values admired by Vanitha’s clients in her and D’Canvas. “Beyond these would be the bond built with my client eventually turning out like a newfound family through the process,” she adds.

Achievements are essential as they encourage one to move forward to the next level. When Vanitha was shortlisted in the top 100 design diva 2018 and 2019 and awarded as the Youngest Interior Designer, she was on the ninth cloud. She had never thought of these remarks before. “These awards were handed to me by the famous big boss winner and celebrity Gauhar Khan. I started delisting on my fears and negative comments heard before,” comments Vanitha.

Tech Emergent Sustainable Designs

Projecting her ideas with the 3D models of international quality is Vanitha and DCanvas’s USP. These models aren’t readily available in India to date. The models are created with the highest quality renders, almost mimicking the actual space.

“The satisfaction of the client is of utmost importance to me,” adds Vanitha, “At D’Canvas, we encourage emerging technology and a step towards sustainable design, which every individual designer in their projects should practice making a better living.”

A Forest Full of Wisdom

For all the budding aspiring artists and entrepreneurs, the only message Vanitha wishes to forward is to do what your heart says and follow what you want to do because just dreaming is not enough; living the dream makes a difference. Work on it till you don’t touch the margin to enter in.

Having passion is a must; for me, it is a zeal which drives me to never give up on my goals to achieve and get it to the next move,” expresses Vanitha. Everyone should have that one of their own passion that lets them work on it day and night, putting all their effort and hardship into it. That’s the only way to turn one’s dream into reality.

“Again, when it comes to Role models, they give us an immense outlook on what we too can do to achieve and live our dreams to the fullest,” says Vanitha. Her role models are Zaha Hadid and Gauri Khan; both are perfect blends of designing a space from canvas to reality. One can match their dreams to the real world by uplifting themselves–putting their role models in their eyesight.

The Strongest Foundation of Family Backup

Every phase of Vanitha’s professional journey has taught her to grow, and still, it is the same story. Her father–the iron man of her life–who understood her when her passion needed to grow and came into the picture. Her friends and family are her first vision of Honour, and without them achieving her real passion would have been in vain.

Vanitha thinks that it is often difficult to get understanding people around you, and she has been very fortunate in this regard. She shares, “The massive strength was when I was down with my nutrition level, during which I got 100% support from my family. So yes, my journey has been with them, and truest said, they are my back support.”

Turning Her Zeal into Her Passion

Regarding her future plans, Vanitha says that making plans is necessary, but what you need to expect from yourself is what leads to the next step closer to success. She reveals, “I dream and work to achieve the title of Top 5 Youngest Designer, and my designs make a difference to all the living beings for a better living in luxury in a better project management plan. This lets me work more and more towards it.”

It is never going to be difficult if your zeal is your passion, and there’s no doubt you shall leave your mark. Live simple and dream the highest luxury to make the art of your life!

Vanitha’s Hall of Fame

  • 2021 FOAID Architecture – 2nd runner-up under Hospitality Design
  • Design and stories National Architecture and Interior design – 2021
  • Youngest interior designer diva – 2018 and 2019