Somaya Chaddha: Sculpting a Pulsating Organisational Culture with Anzy Global’s Unique Rhythm 

Somaya Chaddha
Somaya Chaddha

The Human Resource function isn’t just a department; it’s the beating heart of every organization. HR pulsates with the energy of its people. Within its chambers, diverse talents flourish like individual heartbeats, each contributing to the organization’s rhythm.

However, nurturing this intricate organ requires a special kind of leader. Not just someone adept at the technicalities of HR management but a conductor of human potential, an architect of compassionate cultures. This leader needs the keen eye of a diagnostician to understand the dynamics that flow within teams, anticipate potential strains, and foster harmony. She must be a skilled communicator, bridging the gap between individuals and fostering open, honest dialogue. Her empathy must resonate like a comforting rhythm, ensuring every employee feels valued and heard.

It isn’t just about policies and procedures; it’s about shaping a living, breathing entity. A heart infused with purpose, passion, and empathy, propelling the entire organization forward with each collective beat. Meet Somaya Chaddha, a dynamic professional serving as the Manager – People & Culture (HRBP) at Anzy Global, India. With a passion for nurturing talent and fostering organizational growth, Somaya brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. Her dedication to cultivating a positive and inclusive work environment aligns seamlessly with Anzy Global’s commitment to excellence and employee well-being.

An Astounding Saga

As a seasoned leader in Human Resource, Somaya plays a pivotal role in shaping the company culture, driving employee engagement initiatives, and implementing strategic HR policies. With her keen insight and proactive approach, Somaya is instrumental in attracting top talent, enhancing employee satisfaction, and propelling Anzy Global towards continued success in the global marketplace.

As a powerful leader in the human resource industry, reflecting on her journey, Somaya says, “The distance I’ve travelled is astounding.” Beginning her professional venture at 19 as a Career Counsellor was serendipitous. It profoundly introduced Somaya to communication, people management, and business savvy, shaping her career trajectory. “At the crossroads, I felt drawn to Human Resource, seeing it not merely as a job but as a vocation rooted in personal experiences.”

Growing up amidst diversity, she embraced the richness of varied perspectives, fostering a curiosity about human behaviour and organizational dynamics. Pursuing psychology, sociology, and organizational behaviour in academics guided Somaya towards a career in alignment with her passions. It wasn’t just knowledge acquisition but a fervent desire to effect positive change, fostering inclusive cultures and organizational success. Convinced of HR’s transformative potential, Somaya immersed herself in the field, driven by a commitment to champion human potential and shape inclusive workplaces for future generations.

The Core Ethos

Anzy Global, based in India, has established itself as a premier IT recruitment and staffing consultancy, distinguished by its robust core values: Ambitious, Nurturing, Zealous, and Youthful. Over the past 14 years, it has maintained a strong focus on hiring top talent in product technology.

Somaya attributes their success to an unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, guided by three core principles.

Firstly, we prioritize our talent pool, nurturing and empowering our employees to ensure their success aligns with ours. Secondly, we focus on understanding our clients’ unique needs, delivering bespoke solutions with trust and collaboration at the forefront. Lastly, we embrace continuous innovation, staying ahead in the IT recruitment landscape by exploring new technologies and methodologies.”

She adds that these principles have positioned them as a leading IT recruitment and staffing enterprise with focuss on Product Tech Hiring in India, known for its commitment to excellence, customer-centric approach, and relentless pursuit of innovation.

The IT recruitment and staffing landscape is continually evolving. In such a scenario, Somaya says that to maintain their adaptability and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of IT recruitment and staffing, they implement several key strategies:

  • Continuous Learning and Development:Somaya informs that their team actively engages in training programs, workshops, and industry conferences to stay abreast of emerging technologies and market trends, ensuring their practices remain current.
  • Proactive Market Research: Regular market analysis helps us anticipate skill demands, technological shifts, and hiring preferences, enabling them to tailor their solutions to meet client needs effectively.
  • Agile Recruitment Processes:We employ agile methodologies, enabling swift adaptation to changing client requirements and market dynamics through innovative sourcing techniques and talent pipelining,” says Somaya.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships:Strategic alliances with industry experts, technology providers, and educational institutions offer insights into emerging trends and access to top talent pools, facilitating cutting-edge solutions.
  • Client-Centric Approach:Understanding our clients’ challenges, goals, and cultural dynamics fosters long-term relationships, allowing us to anticipate needs and deliver tailored innovative solutions,” she adds.
  • Embracing Technology:Investment in advanced recruitment technologies enhances their efficiency and accuracy, enabling the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Somaya states, “By adopting these strategies, we ensure our company remains adaptable and at the forefront of industry trends, delivering solutions by Fulfilling the Tech World’s Human Capital needs with Innovation and Agility.”

The Rise of a Mighty Leader

Her formidable leadership style is widely acknowledged as the driving force behind the successes of Anzy Global in India, serving as a beacon of inspiration. Sharing her approach to it and team building with the organization, Somaya says that as an HR leader with a recruitment consulting company like Anzy Global, they revolve around several key principles:

  • Visionary Leadership:I believe in setting a clear and compelling vision for the organization, aligning everyone towards common goals.” This vision is a guiding light, inspiring individuals to work towards a shared purpose and driving excellence in all endeavours.
  • Empowerment and Trust:Somaya fosters an environment of empowerment and trust where team members feel valued and supported. By delegating responsibilities and entrusting individuals with autonomy, she encourages creativity, innovation, and ownership of tasks, leading to higher engagement and performance.
  • Communication and Transparency:Open and transparent communication is fundamental to building strong teams. “I prioritize honest and frequent communication, ensuring everyone is informed about organizational goals, strategies, and performance metrics.” This fosters a culture of collaboration, where ideas can be freely exchanged, and feedback is welcomed and acted upon constructively.
  • Development and Growth:Somaya is committed to every team member’s professional development and growth. Through coaching, mentorship, and opportunities for learning and skill development, she empowers individuals to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to the organization’s success. She says, “By investing in the growth of our people, we not only strengthen our team but also enhance our competitive advantage in the marketplace.”
  • Diversity and Inclusion:Somaya recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation and creativity. She strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. She adds that embracing diverse perspectives and experiences enriches their team dynamics and enhances their ability to solve complex challenges.

Her leadership style characterises her commitment to excellence, integrity, and continuous improvement. By fostering a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and innovation, Somaya aims to inspire and enable her team to achieve extraordinary results and drive the continued success of Anzy Global, India.

A Multifaceted Approach 

IT recruitment and staffing involves bringing exceptional tech talent and recruiters on the same page. As a recruitment consulting expert, her enterprise employs a multifaceted approach to balance IT professionals’ expectations and recruiters’ demands. Here’s how they do it:

  • Thorough Understanding of Client Needs:Somaya and her team begin by comprehensively understanding their client’s organization, culture, and specific requirements for IT professionals. “This involves close collaboration with hiring managers and stakeholders to ensure alignment between their expectations and our recruitment strategies,” she says.
  • Technical Proficiency of Recruiters:Our recruiters undergo rigorous training to enhance their technical proficiency and understanding of IT roles and technologies.” This enables them to effectively assess candidates’ skills and qualifications, ensuring a strong match between talent and job requirements.
  • Tailored Candidate Engagement:Somaya adds that they prioritize personalized engagement with IT professionals to understand their career goals, technical expertise, and preferences. “By building meaningful relationships, we can accurately represent their interests to potential employers while providing valuable insights to recruiters about candidate expectations.”
  • Transparent Communication:Transparency is key throughout the recruitment process. Somaya says they ensure clear and open communication between all parties, providing regular updates on job opportunities, interview feedback, and relevant developments. This fosters trust and ensures that expectations are managed effectively.
  • Customized Solutions:Recognizing that each client and candidate is unique, they offer customized recruitment solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s flexible work arrangements, competitive compensation packages, or professional development opportunities, team Anzy Global, India, strives to accommodate the expectations of both IT professionals and recruiters.
  • Continuous Feedback and Improvement:Somaya says, “We actively solicit feedback from clients and candidates to continuously improve our recruitment processes. By listening to their insights and addressing any concerns or suggestions, we can refine our approach and enhance the overall experience for all stakeholders.”

By implementing these strategies, Anzy Global, India, successfully bridges the gap between IT professionals’ expectations and recruiters’ demands, ensuring a seamless and mutually beneficial recruitment experience for all parties involved.

Ensuring Eco-Friendly Environments

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial aspects of modern industry. Somaya says these principles are woven into the fabric of their operations. “We prioritize partnering with clients who share our commitment to sustainability, helping them source talent that aligns with their green initiatives.” Internally, they employ eco-friendly practices, such as remote work to reduce carbon emissions and paperless processes to minimize waste. Additionally, they invest in continuous education for their team, ensuring they stay informed about sustainable practices and trends. “Beyond our day-to-day operations, we support environmental causes through donations and volunteer efforts.” By integrating these principles into every aspect of their work, Somaya and her team strive to contribute to a sustainable future and inspire others in their industry to do the same.

The Transformative SmartWorks

Anzy Global, India, has achieved remarkable success. Somaya shares: “One transformative project that showcases our commitment to excellence and innovation is the ‘SmartWorks’ initiative.” SmartWorks is a comprehensive digital transformation program that revolutionises internal processes, enhances customer experiences, and drives business growth.

At its core, SmartWorks harnesses the power of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT to optimize operations across all departments. By automating repetitive tasks, streamlining workflows, and improving data analytics capabilities, SmartWorks enables Somaya and her team to operate more efficiently and make real-time data-driven decisions.

Moreover, SmartWorks extends beyond internal operations to enhance the experiences of Anzy Global, India’s customers. “Through personalized recommendations, proactive customer support, and seamless omnichannel interactions, we aim to exceed customer expectations and foster long-term loyalty,” says Somaya.

One of the key aspects of SmartWorks is its agility and scalability, allowing the team to rapidly adapt to evolving market trends and customer needs. By continuously iterating and innovating, they ensure their systems and processes remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

Overall, SmartWorks exemplifies Anzy Global’s commitment to excellence and innovation by leveraging technology to drive operational excellence, enhance customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Harnessing the Tech-Power

In the realm of IT recruitment and staffing, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency. Thus, Somaya says that as a forward-thinking recruitment consulting company specializing in Product tech IT professionals, they prioritize leveraging technology to optimize their services and maintain a competitive edge in the digital age. “Firstly, we invest in state-of-the-art applicant tracking systems (ATS) and candidate relationship management (CRM) platforms.” These systems streamline the recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to managing client interactions, allowing us to efficiently handle large volumes of data and ensure a seamless experience for clients and candidates.

Furthermore, they utilize data analytics tools to gain insights into market trends, candidate preferences, and emerging skill sets. This data-driven approach enables them to anticipate industry demands and proactively adapt their strategies to meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Moreover, we embrace remote collaboration tools and virtual interviewing platforms to connect with candidates worldwide and facilitate efficient communication throughout the recruitment process.”

Lastly, they prioritize ongoing training and development for their team to ensure they are proficient in the latest technologies and methodologies, allowing them to continuously improve their services and deliver exceptional client results. “By leveraging technology comprehensively, we remain at the forefront of IT recruitment and staffing, delivering innovative solutions and exceeding client expectations in the digital age.”

Fostering TeamWorks

The workforce is the cornerstone of any successful organization. To cultivate growth, skill development, and empowerment, Anzy Global, India, prioritizes continuous learning through regular training programs and mentorship opportunities. Somaya says they encourage employees to set personalized development goals aligned with their career aspirations. Transparent communication channels are established for feedback and suggestions, fostering a culture of open dialogue and collaboration. Recognizing achievements and providing avenues for advancement further empower individuals. “Embracing diversity and inclusivity enhances creativity and innovation within our workforce. Ultimately, by investing in our employees’ growth and well-being, we create a supportive environment where everyone thrives professionally and personally,” she adds.

Eliminating Issues

As a leader in India’s IT recruitment and staffing sector, Anzy Global, India, faced its share of challenges. According to Somaya, one notable instance where her team’s resilience and ingenuity shone through occurred during intense competition for talent in the product tech sector.

She says, “Facing stiff competition from established players and emerging startups, we encountered challenges in attracting top-tier candidates for our clients. Despite this, our team adopted a proactive approach, leveraging our deep understanding of the market and our extensive network to stand out.”

They identified niche talent pools and utilized targeted outreach strategies to engage with passive candidates who may not have actively sought new opportunities. “By showcasing the unique value propositions of our clients and the exciting projects they were working on, we managed to capture the interest of highly skilled professionals.”

Moreover, Somaya and her team recognized the importance of building strong relationships with candidates throughout the hiring process. She says, “We provided personalized support and guidance, offering insights into market trends and career development opportunities. This personalized approach not only helped us attract top talent but also fostered long-term partnerships with candidates and clients.”

In addition, she and her team continuously refined their recruitment processes, incorporating feedback and embracing innovative tools and techniques to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. This enabled them to deliver results quickly and effectively, even in intense competition.

Ultimately, through their resilience, ingenuity, and unwavering commitment to excellence, they overcame challenges and maintained their position as a leader in India’s IT recruitment and staffing sector, providing value to clients and candidates alike.

Strategic Refinement

Furthermore, in the wake of the pandemic, Anzy Global, India, swiftly adapted by leveraging technology to maintain seamless operations and support its clients. It implemented remote work policies, ensuring the safety of its team while maintaining productivity. Additionally, the firm enhanced its digital infrastructure to facilitate virtual interviews, assessments, and onboarding processes, enabling uninterrupted talent acquisition for its clients. “Recognizing the evolving needs of businesses, we refined our strategies to focus on remote and hybrid workforce solutions, providing tailored recruitment services to match the current market demands,” says Somaya. “Our proactive approach, coupled with agile decision-making, enabled us to navigate uncertainties and emerge stronger.”

By staying committed to delivering exceptional service, fostering innovation, and prioritizing adaptability, Somaya and her team have sustained business continuity and positioned themselves as a reliable partner in the ever-changing landscape of the post-pandemic industry.

Insisting on the Holistic Employee Growth

Today, IT recruitment and staffing go beyond the physical realm, touching on aspects like employee engagement and long-term benefits and offering the workforce personal satisfaction and professional growth. According to Somaya, Anzy Global, India, distinguishes itself by prioritizing holistic employee engagement and development in IT recruitment and staffing services. Through personalized career guidance, tailored training programs, and opportunities for advancement, Anzy fosters a culture of continuous learning and professional growth. Additionally, the company emphasizes long-term benefits such as competitive compensation packages and comprehensive wellness initiatives to ensure employee satisfaction. By understanding the nuanced needs of candidates and clients, Anzy Global creates synergistic matches that promote organizational success, individual fulfilment, and success in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Creating a Future-Ready Workforce

Looking to the future, as the HRBP of Anzy Global, Somaya says her vision is to spearhead transformative strategies that propel her company to the forefront of India’s IT recruitment and staffing landscape. “I intend to achieve this by prioritizing talent development and retention, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Implementing innovative recruitment methodologies, such as gamified assessments and virtual hiring events, will enhance our ability to attract top-tier IT talent efficiently.”

Additionally, she aims to strengthen their employer branding efforts to showcase Anzy Global as an employer of choice within the IT sector. “By closely aligning our recruitment strategies with the evolving needs of the industry and leveraging technology to optimize processes, I am committed to making a lasting impact on India’s IT recruitment landscape while contributing to Anzy Global‘s continued success,” concludes Somaya.