New Harpic Loocator App Guides Women Access Public Toilets

New Harpic Loocator App Guides Women Access Public Toilets
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It’s time to start making jokes about how every company wants their own app. Wednesday saw the release of the “Harpic Loocator App” by consumer products giant Reckitt, which aims to make it easier for everyone—especially women—to find public restrooms when they’re on the go.
According to Reckitt, a survey carried out in Delhi found that 70% of women find it difficult to find a restroom in public when they need one and that they spend an average of sixty minutes doing so. Because of this, women are forced to drink less water when they are outside, which increases their chance of developing health problems including urinary tract infections and dehydration.

In an effort to solve this problem, the Harpic Loocator App was created. It allows users to find public restrooms, rate them, and add restrooms to the app.

“All facets of society are impacted by the lack of knowledge and accessibility about hygienic public restrooms, but women are most severely affected. Many people change their daily schedules and way of life in order to avoid using public restrooms, which might be harmful to their health. These difficulties are exacerbated for people who travel frequently, either for business or pleasure. Reluctance to seek travel-related occupations, school and college dropouts, safety worries, and more are the outcomes of this predicament, according to a news release from Saurabh Jain, Regional Marketing Director, South Asia – Hygiene, Reckitt.

The “Be Free To Pee” campaign aims to address the silent issues that many Indian women face by providing them with restroom and toilet solutions. “Our dedication to providing customers with answers to all of their bathroom and toilet issues is demonstrated by the ‘Be Free To Pee’ campaign. We encourage you everyone to join us as we set out on this trip to start talks about the silent struggles that many Indian women endure by rating the restrooms in your area using the “Harpic Loocator” app. This will assist women in making decisions that are safe and well-informed,” stated Jain.

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