Himachal CM: 1,200 Constables and Female SIs to be Hired

Constables and Female
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The chief minister of Himachal Pradesh placed a strong emphasis on enhancing the police force while considering upcoming difficulties. Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, the chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, placed a strong emphasis on enhancing the police force while considering upcoming difficulties.

During a meeting with top home department officials on Wednesday, he announced that the government will allocate sufficient funds for the department’s modernization and that more than 1,200 constables and female sub-inspectors will be hired soon.

He went on to say that the police needed to come up with creative solutions to tackle the problems because of the trends in crime and the rapid advancement of digital technology. He said that in order to do this, a highly professional approach and the use of contemporary technology were required.

He instructed the police to use digital software and artificial intelligence.

Robust policing necessitates embracing modern technology and enhanced professionalism. The chief minister stated that it was imperative to use AI and other cutting-edge software in the department’s operations to increase efficiency.

In order to ensure their effective participation in police operations, he oversaw the creation of a pool of technologically proficient police officers and provided them with training. He declared that all state police officers should be proficient in using the internet. In order to improve police during the fairs and festivals held in the well-known temples, he gave the district superintendent of police instructions to maintain a reserve force.

In order to provide police stations with enough police officers and the facilities they require, the chief minister ordered a reorganization of police stations based on variables like population, geography, crime rates, and the influx of tourists. In order to better serve the general public, he gave the order to investigate the possibility of classifying police stations and opening solely police stations rather than police posts.

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