Zarna Garg: The Indian Mother Making Waves in US Comedy

Zarna Garg

Zarna Garg, a rising comedy star at the age of 48, has found success by challenging cultural taboos in her humor. Her debut screenplay, Rearranged, won at the Austin Film Festival in 2019. In 2021, she won Kevin Hart’s Lyft Comics, and in 2022, she was featured in Apple TV’s Gutsy series hosted by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. Garg’s comedy special, Zarna Garg: One In A Billion, was released on Amazon Prime Video in May 2023. With around 750k followers on TikTok and Instagram, she addresses taboo topics in Eastern cultures, such as mother-in-laws and the obsession with firstborn sons. Garg is unapologetic about her approach, stating that she aims to challenge the notion that certain topics are off-limits for women, especially brown women.

Garg’s relentless work ethic and focus on financial success set her apart. She emphasizes that talking about money is not vulgar and is clear about her goal to make her comedy business the biggest thing ever. Garg is part of a community of successful women entrepreneurs and works with top comics worldwide, always seeking opportunities for growth.

Her comedy journey started with a five-minute set on her mother-in-law at an open mic, but her current goal is ambitious – to create a hub, both digital and real-life, for fans of her family-friendly comedy. While she enjoys TV, social media videos, and podcasting, stand-up comedy remains at the center of her career. Garg aims to provide a feel-good, barrier-free vibe in the comedy ecosystem, focusing on inclusive humor rather than insulting people for laughs. Inspired by American women who pioneered the idea that women have the right to be themselves, Garg wants her audience, especially women, to leave her shows feeling happy and good about themselves.

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