Women Lead a State Transportation Utility’s Comeback Story

Women Lead
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In October 2023, the family Kendre, consisting of approximately twenty women, chose to travel from Bhor taluka to Pune using a state-run bus in order to attend a wedding ceremony.

In October 2023, the twenty-odd women of the Kendre family decided to go from Bhor taluka to Pune via state transportation bus in order to attend a wedding ceremony. The state government’s 50% ticket fare concession for female passengers is the primary incentive to select the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) service over private buses.

Additionally, both passengers and the public transportation provider benefit from this scenario.

Sangita Kendre, a woman from Balawadi hamlet in Bhor tehsil, asked, “Why should we pay high fare to private buses when MSRTC is offering 50% discount and also taking no charge from women above 75 years?”

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said on March 9 that female riders on MSRTC buses would receive a 50% fare concession when he presented the state budget for 2023–2024. Since the facility was introduced on March 17, the number of women using state transportation buses has increased dramatically.

And Sangita is just one of the thousands of people who take advantage of this service, attending formal functions, funerals, and even family events that many people choose not to attend due to expense.
Officials report that since the service was put in place, the number of daily female riding has increased from 6-7 lakh to approximately 15-16 lakh. Many of the 31 MSRTC divisions in the state have reported increased income in recent months, underscoring a project that wrote the screenplay for a recovery tale for a company that was losing money.
“Under the women concession scheme, we have earned ₹1,119.57 crore from March to November 2023, and the senior citizen concession plan revenue is ₹1,092.37 crore from August 2022 to November 2023,” stated Shekhar Channe, vice-chairman and managing director of MSRTC.

The state government contributes a portion of the concession money to the state transportation commission.

To date, MSRTC has received ₹1,119.57 crore from the state government to fund the concession facility.

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