Women in the Navy get Ready to Travel the World Alone


As part of the Navy’s “Sagar Parikrama,” female officers Lieutenant Commanders Dilna K. and Roopa Aligirisamy are presently receiving mentoring from Cdr. Abhilash Tomy (Retd.) to attempt the first female solo circumnavigation.

According to Navy Chief Admiral R. Hari Kumar, life at sea requires attention and one cannot take it lightly, even with the availability of modern aids. He was talking about the upcoming adventurous activity of the Navy, which involves a female crew circumnavigating the world independently. He pointed out that because people are not accustomed to living at sea and there is a lack of understanding among them, the sea is a totally other world.

As part of the Navy’s “Sagar Parikrama,” Lieutenant Commanders Dilna K. and Roopa Aligirisamy are now receiving mentoring from Cdr. Abhilash Tomy (Retd) to attempt the first women’s solo circumnavigation.

As the first Asian to place second in the Golden Globe Race, Cdr. Tomy made history in April. In order to replicate Sir Robin Knox Johnston’s 1968 solo non-stop circumnavigation race, it entails sailing a boat alone around the globe without the use of any contemporary technology.

While Cdr Roopa is an officer in charge of naval armament inspection, Cdr Dilna works in logistics.

Cdr. Tomy stated, “From an instructor’s point of view, I would want them to be like a sponge so that they can absorb what I say and quickly replicate it.” when asked what he expects of the female officers participating in the next challenge.

In addition, he would like to observe their level of resiliency and independence. To complete a solo circumnavigation, one must possess the abilities of a whole community. Need to know how to cook, engineer electronics, sail, weather, navigate, and use the media. He murmured, “I really have to judge them on these grounds.

After sailing for 236 days, 14 hours, and 46 minutes after his cast off on September 04, 2022, Cdr. Tomy finished second in GGR-22 on April 29, 2023. He made his way back to Les Sables-d’Olonne, France, trailing South African Kirsten Neuschafer.

An experienced sailor, he completed the world’s first solo, non-stop circumnavigation under sail in 2013 onboard INSV Mhadei, making him the first Indian to do it. He participated in GGR-18 as well, but had to leave due to a crippling back injury he had during a storm. Following an intense multi-nation operation, he was rescued. Five years later, he has five fused vertebrae, a titanium rod in his spine, and he has proven to be incredibly resilient, tenacious, and determined in GGR 22.

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