These Women’s Home-Grown Business Ideas Are Given a Stage


Deepa Agarwal, a dentist and mother of two, faced a challenging transition when her husband passed away from Covid-19 in 2021. Despite not knowing how to drive or having any prior experience with UPI transactions, she took charge of her husband’s manufacturing unit, Just About Powers, specializing in high-watt LED drivers. The company has its own design team and testing laboratory, operating on a “make-in-India” model and counting prominent industry names like Crompton, Surya, and Jaguar among its clients.

Renu Verma, a marketing executive who had left her job to raise her children, decided to take over her grandfather’s pottery business, Mittikalaa, as a way to regain control of her career while maintaining work-life balance. With her MBA background, she introduced new designs and streamlined production processes with machines, significantly increasing the company’s sales and expanding its exports.

Sangita Singh, inspired by her children’s preference for healthy millet-based snacks over junk food, started her own business, Sattvikam Superfoods, in 2022. With an initial investment of Rs 25 lakh and additional funds from the Prime Minister Employment Generation Plan (PMEGP), her company took off and now has a turnover of Rs 50 lakh with a 20% profit margin.

These women entrepreneurs are just a few examples of individuals who have overcome challenges and found success in the business world. Deepa Agarwal, Renu Verma, and Sangita Singh are among the women entrepreneurs participating in the UP International Trade Show, where they hope to connect with international buyers and further expand their businesses.