Swati Mishra: A Committed Quality Educator Transforming Education with Innovation

Swati Mishra
Swati Mishra

Today’s world is where education forms the bedrock of skill development and personal growth. However, traditional methods often limit the scope of learning in the realm of education. Thus, stepping away from the conventional norms that govern our educational systems is usually required.

In such a scenario, emerging as a dynamic force, reshaping the very essence of learning pedagogy, Swati MishraSales Head at AcadPrime, stands as a beacon of change. Dedicated to reshaping the fundamentals of pedagogy, Swati’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of innovation and dedication in the field of education.

A Visionary is Born

Swati’s saga showcases her unwavering commitment to the field of education. She recognized the limitations of prevailing teaching methods and the challenges students, teachers, and parents face. With a deep-rooted passion for education, she felt a compelling need for a profound transformation in how we educate and learn.

At AcadPrime, Swati has pioneered innovative approaches to education that break free from the monotony of traditional systems. Her vision is to make learning not just accessible but also enjoyable. She believes that when students are actively engaged, and learning is presented attractively and interactively, the educational journey becomes simpler and more enjoyable.

Swati’s dedication to revolutionizing education has made her a driving force within AcadPrime, where she has introduced modern learning methodologies that captivate students’ attention and foster their involvement. Her mission is clear: to empower students, teachers, and parents with a more effective and enjoyable way of learning.

Innovation in Education

Swati embarked on her educational journey as a tutor at CBSE board school APS Allahabad, where she taught Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to students in grades 9 to 12. Her early teaching experiences instilled in her a deep understanding of students’ challenges and the need for a more engaging and effective learning system.

Her passion for education led her to explore different avenues, including research at CSIR-CIMAP (Central Institute of Medicinal Plants Lucknow) and internships at CDRI Lucknow. These experiences exposed her to diverse perspectives and methodologies in education.

A Global Perspective

Swati’s quest for knowledge and innovation took her beyond India’s borders. She accompanied her spouse to Japan and Taiwan, where she had the opportunity to interact with researchers and educators worldwide. These international experiences broadened her horizons and provided valuable insights into global education practices.

Upon her return to India in 2015, Swati continued her educational journey by joining various educational institutions, including Jaganantha Vidyalaya CBSE school, I2Global School in Chennai, and Mount Litera Zee school, Chennai, where she served in roles ranging from tutor to Centre Head. These diverse roles enriched her understanding of the multifaceted nature of education.

A Catalyst for Change

Swati’s true calling emerged when she joined AcadPrime EdTech startup. She started as an Academic Counsellor in August 2021 and swiftly climbed the ranks to become the Sales Head in January 2022. It was here that she found her platform to revolutionize education.

Innovating Education with AcadPrime

AcadPrime is an interactive online education platform that connects students, parents, and teachers online, creating a transparent, secure, and accessible educational ecosystem. Swati’s mission within AcadPrime is to provide personalized attention to students, ensuring that each child’s unique learning needs are met. She firmly believes in categorizing students as slow and fast learners rather than weak or bright, emphasizing the importance of personalized support for every student.

Swati says, “We aim to deliver a fully transparent, secure, and easily accessible educational service digitally. With our tutors in India, we cater to Indian and Global students and bring in global education standards and learning practices across our student base, one of our unique contributions to the Indian education sector as a startup.”

Following are Swati’s priorities to make world-class learning outcomes:

  • The programs are truly unique and innovative.
  • The classes are truly interactive during the course (tutors and learners talk to each other), with a rich learning experience.
  • Their foundations are built with best practices and processes catering to Indian and international customers.
  • Their feedback and intelligent progress tracking process is a built-in solution in the platform.
  • Their teaching platform offers end-to-end tech solutions for students, parents, and tutors to make learning fully integrated within the platform.

Addressing Educational Challenges

Swati understands the challenges faced by educators today. According to her, today’s educators navigate a dynamic landscape of challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving world of education. These challenges shape the classroom experience and influence the future of students and the education system.

Inspiring Self-Directed Learning: One of the foremost challenges for teachers is encouraging students to become more self-directed in their learning journeys. Teachers strive to create engaging lesson plans and accessible homework that pique students’ interest and target their weaknesses. The goal is to foster an environment where learning occurs in a less tense and pressured atmosphere, making it more conducive for all.

Improving Learning Outcomes: Designing meaningful learning outcomes that effectively measure students’ potential and success poses a significant challenge. Meeting these outcomes and providing solid achievement indicators while streamlining the paperwork can seem insurmountable. Teachers seek a 360° view of their students’ performance and explore ways to automate the real-time assessment process to enhance the learning experience.

Differentiating and Personalizing Teaching: Recognizing that what works for one student may not work for another, teachers grapple with the need to differentiate and personalize their teaching methods. This requires innovative assessments and teaching approaches, including newer question types and media-enhanced exams. Striking a balance between diversifying teaching and keeping it straightforward remains a formidable challenge.

Encouraging Out-of-Classroom Learning: The educational journey extends far beyond the confines of the classroom, and teachers face the task of motivating students to engage in learning outside school hours. Encouraging self-directed learning and making it enjoyable are top priorities, as students often lack proper incentives to pursue knowledge beyond the classroom setting.

Managing Administrative Tasks: The teaching profession demands extensive administrative work, from curriculum development to classroom engagement, assessment creation, grading, and performance analysis. Balancing these tasks with actual teaching responsibilities can be overwhelming. Teachers are searching for solutions that ease this administrative burden, allowing them to focus on their primary role as educators.

Navigating Evolving Technology: As technology advances, educators must keep pace with the changing digital landscape. Finding easy yet effective systems and platforms for classroom management can be daunting. Adapting to evolving technology trends is crucial to providing students with a modern and engaging learning experience.

Promoting Parental Involvement:  parents in their children’s education is a vital yet challenging aspect of teaching. Teachers and administrators seek user-friendly methods to involve parents in their child’s educational journey, providing insights into their skills and enabling them to monitor their performance regularly.

Swati aims to alleviate these challenges through innovative educational practices and technologies.

Embracing Interactive Learning

In online course design, content delivery and sequencing are crucial. Swati Mishra, a proponent of interactive learning, understands its significance in modern education.

Benefits of Interactive Content: Online learning is convenient for working students. Students can do their learning anywhere they have an internet connection and a device to access the content. By compiling all the lesson materials into one simple mobile-compatible package, students can easily digest them. Most students will be looking at their phones; they should pop open the next lesson and get ahead! They prefer the content over other mobile activities if you make it engaging and interesting.

Accommodating Diverse Learning Styles: Interactive content doesn’t have to be a complex and properly sequenced web of video, interactive animations, and sequenced check-for-understanding questions. It could be as simple as a text page with question fields included for students to respond to and receive instructor feedback. It does, however, open the door for different student learning styles to be met. To do this, online lessons may contain lecture text, video, and check-for-understanding questions. To make for a streamlined learning experience, interactive lessons can combine course content into a single and efficient presentation-style activity.

Adding Formative Assessment: Interactive content opens the door to including frequent check-for-understanding questions, which can be used as a formative assessment to help your students understand their progress toward mastery of learning objectives. Additionally, these questions can loop students back to the content they need to review, meaning the experience can be tailored based on each student’s progress toward outcomes and understanding of course content.

Resetting the Attention Clock: By employing different types of media, breaking longer pieces of content into smaller ones, and including check-for-understanding-type questions, interactive content helps ensure students stay engaged in course material by intentionally resetting their attention clock. Instead of passively watching a video or reading a written lecture, students click through content at their own pace, check their understanding of it, and engage in various forms of media, helping them stay engaged.

Swati’s dedication at AcadPrime centres around continuously enhancing the quality of content and learning engagement. Their primary focus is ensuring that education providers demonstrate tangible improvements to parents and students, thereby fostering accountability—a critical aspect that numerous EdTech companies are actively working to address.

Advice for Aspiring Educators 

Swati offers valuable advice for those aspiring to enter the field of education. She emphasizes the need for a genuine passion for shaping the country’s future and maintaining a growth mindset. Consistent dedication to the area of education is crucial for success.

Recognitions and Awards

  • Employee appreciation award for diligent staff from Kidzee.
  • Best teacher award -GLObal teaching excellence award.
  • Best Guru award-GISR organization.
  • Foxclues 100 women icon award by India prime awards.
  • The real superwoman-educationist certificate.
  • BBA-Gems of India-Bharat Achievers Award-2022-top 100 Legends.
  • INNOVATIONS AWARD-Best Educator Award.
  • Raising Star Award -Ufaber edutech.