Rs. 26,560 Crore Allotted to Boost Women and Child Development for FY25: MP Deputy CM

Women and Child Development

Madhya Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Jagdish Devda announced an allocation of ₹26,560 crore for the Women and Child Development Department in the budget, marking a significant increase of 81% compared to FY24.

On Wednesday, Deputy Chief Minister Devda presented the State Budget for the financial year 2024-25, totalling ₹3,65,067 crore. This represents a substantial hike of 16% compared to the previous budget of ₹3.14 trillion. Devda’s presentation came amidst a significant uproar from the Opposition Congress party over an alleged nursing college scam.

10 Key Updates on Madhya Pradesh Budget 2024-25:

  1. Women and Child Development: ₹26,560 crore allocated, an 81% increase from the 2023-24 budget estimate.
  2. Health Sector: ₹21,444 crore proposed. Agriculture and allied sectors received ₹66,605 crore, and the education sector was allocated ₹52,682 crore.
  3. Sports and Youth Welfare: ₹586 crore allocated. Public health engineering received ₹10,279 crore, and the Culture Department got a proposal of ₹1,081 crore.
  4. Energy Sector: ₹19,406 crore allocated, nearly ₹1,000 crore more than the previous financial year.
  5. Irrigation Projects: ₹13,596 crore proposed for construction and maintenance.
  6. Scheduled Tribes and Castes: ₹40,804 crore allocated for the Scheduled Tribes Sub-Plan and ₹27,900 crore for the Scheduled Caste community. Additionally, ₹1,704 crore proposed for backward classes, minority welfare, and nomadic and semi-nomadic communities.
  7. Rural vs. Urban Development: ₹27,870 crore proposed for panchayat and rural development, compared to ₹16,744 crore for urban development.
  8. Public Welfare Schemes: ₹4,421 crore allocated for pensions, a 15% increase from last year.
  9. Industry Sector: ₹4,190 crore allocated, a 40% increase from the previous year.
  10. Budget Overview: Devda described the new budget as ‘sarvsparshi’ (all-inclusive), with no new taxes announced. The capital outlay for 2024-25 is estimated at 4.25% of the Gross State Domestic Product.

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