Ranked Among India’s 100 Best Companies for Women is MullenLowe Lintas Group

Image used for information purpose only. Picture credit: https://indiantelevision.com

Avtar and Seramount have included MullenLowe Lintas Group India in their prestigious list of the “100 Best Companies for Women in India” as of late. This honor demonstrates the Group’s steadfast dedication to gender equality and the company’s initiatives to foster a fair and empowering work environment, particularly for women.

With this distinction, MullenLowe Lintas Group stands alone among other esteemed companies like Accenture, Aditya Birla Group, HP, Mondelez, and Bayer as the only advertising agency from India. A number of these corporations are also clients of the agency. All of them have a shared commitment to promoting gender diversity in the workplace.

MullenLowe Global CEO Kristen Cavallo congratulated the agency on this momentous occasion, saying, “It’s no surprise the team in India has been recognized as one of the Best Companies for Women.” It’s an environment that values intelligence, fosters creativity, and makes people feel important. It is a privilege to share this recognition with other outstanding businesses, and I am extremely proud of the leadership in India.

The Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI) study was conducted for the eighth time in 2023 by Avtar, the leading provider of diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions in India, and Seramount, a strategic professional services and research firm committed to assisting high-performing, inclusive workplaces in the United States. Nearly 300 questions made up the application form, which asked applying companies to submit highly detailed information about their programs, policies, and practices for promoting gender inclusion in the workplace.

CEO of MullenLowe Lintas Group Subbu expressed his pride in the recognition, saying, “We have won many awards at MullenLowe Lintas Group over the years.” Honors of all kinds given to outstanding strategic and creative work in all nations. But above all, this is the award we will treasure most. We are all in awe since it is the first time an advertising company in India has won anything of this kind. It truly is a tribute to all the intelligent, talented, and skillful women who have blessed us. This award honors all the women who have ever passed through MullenLowe Lintas Group’s hallways, in our opinion. And we promise to transform it into a haven of peace, prosperity, and a setting that allows women to reach their full potential.”

MullenLowe Lintas Group India has continuously promoted gender equality and diversity via a variety of programs and regulations. This esteemed award has been made possible in large part by the company’s dedication to equal opportunity, women’s leadership development, and creating a positive work environment.

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