Programme on Women Entrepreneurship held at Tezpur LGB Girls’ College

Women Entrepreneurship

The Women Entrepreneurship Development program targeting college students recently took place at Tezpur LGB Girls’ College, organized by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India, Tezpur Branch, and District Industry and Commerce Centre Tezpur, in collaboration with Edupur Employment Services Pvt. Ltd. The event aimed to empower and equip young women with the knowledge and skills needed for entrepreneurship.

The program commenced with an informative session by Raj Mohnani, Assistant Director of MSME, Tezpur branch, who introduced the participants to various MSME schemes and their associated benefits. Amit Raj Konwar, Founder and Director of Edupur Foundation, conducted the training session, engaging around 150 college students and members.

Amit Raj Konwar highlighted the aspiration of many women to start their own businesses but emphasized the common barriers of limited mentorship, training, and guidance that hinder their entrepreneurial endeavors. He stressed the importance of providing college students with regular skill development programs to nurture successful business entrepreneurs. Konwar also underlined the significance of acquiring practical skills alongside formal education, which opens up new opportunities and pathways for individuals.

This initiative reflects the commitment of the government and partnering organizations to promote women’s entrepreneurship and economic independence, particularly among young college students. By offering valuable training and guidance, the program aims to foster a new generation of empowered and capable women entrepreneurs who can contribute to economic growth and innovation in their communities and beyond.

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