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Prof. Dr. Parin Somani
Parin somani

Darwinian philosophy of instrumental logic defines thoughts as the instruments of higher thinking that conceptualize ever-evolving contemporary social and practical events around us. These knowledge instruments are necessary to grasp an evolving truth in a constantly changing stream of reality.

Thus, all the wisdom of generations remains thought experiments of curious minds to solve the issues troubling it. A mind on the quest to acquire knowledge by applying its instrumental thinking to the concurrently defined theories. These theories are further enhanced by the sensory and actual data collected thus far.

It is through searching and researching for answers and their validation in trial and error methods applied in the various domains of human activities and endeavours that pragmatic models are created. The outcome and results gained are substantiated through collective arguments reaching a mutually exhaustive conclusion. That is how a globally interconnected civilization progresses through research.

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani, being an international researcher of the highest calibre, astutely understands the need to nurture a knowledge-sharing society of research minds. A holistic network of professional researchers that can enlighten the global present and future generations. By creating Global Research Journal (GRJ), Prof. Dr. Somani is on the nobly grandest of the mission ‘To share knowledge through research.’

According to Prof. Dr. Somani and her GRJ team, knowledge acquisition is fundamental in contemporary society. In a world with immense information and continuous developments, Research, education, and lifelong learning are key to ensuring sustainable societal development. She adds, “When a society is well educated, we can work together to make informed and educated decisions to facilitate societies globally.” GRJ is required in the knowledge society and technological world of today.

Aims: GRJ aims to build knowledge gaps and generate new ideas through a multidisciplinary approach. It is a platform that invites passionate intellectuals globally with the opportunity to publish research papers and articles with global audiences. It promotes the generation of new ideas for future research and provides an opportunity to collaborate and stimulate discussions amongst like-minded individuals facilitating societal progression.

  • Podcast and Video of the research paper.
  • Free Global Knowledge Acquisition.
  • Complex Language Made Simple.
  • Global outreach and representation.

The GRJ has tremendous potential and is a magnificent platform for global researchers to collaborate and share novel ideologies that can be implemented in the future. It ensures scientific rigour while combining colour and visuals appealing to the senses. This makes knowledge acquisition more relatable to diverse readers and researchers. In addition, GRJ allows all interested individuals to participate in listening to the GRJ podcast as the full research paper is converted into audio. This facility enables readers to select an article of their choice and listen to professionally narrated research articles that give research more character, bringing it to life in another sense. In addition, individuals can view GRJ Videos of their research and read the latest trend of GRJ Blogs on the Global Research Journal Website.

Researchers should publish with GRJ: Individuals who aim to publish their research put immense time, effort, and energy into writing their research papers or articles. They want to ensure that the journal they are submitting to is trustworthy and ethical, and they value research making sure that it is shared with interested readers that will benefit from it. Therefore, publishing with GRJ is an easy process and a great opportunity for individuals to share their research and be recognised on a global platform. GRJ is not only aesthetically appealing but there is also no compromise in the scientific robustness of the research.

All research papers and articles undergo a peer-reviewed process with strict guidelines, ensuring all elements are met before publication. GRJ has also invested in a large social media outreach which enables a diverse population of individuals to gain access to and publish with GRJ. It is all-inclusive, providing every individual with the opportunity to share their research on this platform. To publish with GRJ on diverse subject areas, visit Submit your Research Now! Email:

Ignite Your Passion for Sharing Research at Global Research Conferences (GRC)   

Global Research Conferences (GRC) are based in London, United Kingdom, with international affiliations. GRC believes that research is a vital component of sustainable development in contemporary life globally, thus providing a platform for researchers, scholars, members of academia, and all interested individuals to share knowledge.

Aims: GRC aims to facilitate finding solutions to challenges faced in contemporary life. It provides opportunities for individuals from across the globe to deliver live presentations, virtual presentations, poster presentations, and live streaming presentations and participate in round table conference discussions within the GRC held in international locations.

Opportunities and advantages

  • The Conference Proceedings are published with an ISBN in a soft form.
  • Each manuscript has publication opportunities in Global Research Journal and Global Research Conferences Proceedings.
  • Every research paper is assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref.

Register now if you are passionate about creating POSITIVE change through research and want a global platform to present your research findings.


  • GRC provides a platform for you to share knowledge.
  • Explore the latest trends.
  • Discuss contemporary challenges.
  • Meet like-minded individuals that have a passion for research.
  • Global networking.
  • Share research on an international platform.
  • Opportunities published with Global Research Journal.

GRC 2023 a Grand Success: The grand success of GRC 2023 was highlighted at the world-class Cambridge University, United Kingdom, and online from 6th- 9th May 2023. The GRC 2023 Theme was ‘Building Sustainability After the COVID-19 Pandemic.’ It provided an opportunity for future research and collaboration from around the world and valued hard work, dedication, and passion for sharing research with others. Hence, GRC hosts a ‘GRC Prestigious Award Ceremony’ that seeks to recognise the most outstanding research papers in various categories and acknowledge participant contributions.

Reporting the enormous success of GRC 2023, leading the organizers to make a future conference announcement, Asian Lite News stated, “The eagerly awaited Global Research Conferences (GRC 2023) has been very successful and enlightening. The Academic research conference was held at King’s College, Cambridge, United Kingdom on 8th and 9th May 2023.”

The FameFinders News portal states that the long-awaited Global Research Conference (GRC) has marked a significant and lasting impact. “All thanks to the participants who made this event a grand success. Like-minded professionals and researchers from diverse backgrounds and cultures united at the conference and concluded realistic and innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.”

Elaborating more, the Asian Lite News Report said that the hugely successful conference had been attended by guests, audience, delegates and participants from global nations – Australia, Canada, France, India, Iran, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA, and others. The report shares, “GRC was graced with the presence of the honourable Counsellor Sunil Chopra, Mayor of Southwark, a Valedictorian Chief Guest delivered a Valedictory speech, Dr Parul Begum, Inaugural Chief Guest Speaker, and Chehreh Dashti, Inaugural Speaker.”

Cllr. Sunil Chopra has lived in Southwark for many years and became the first Indian Origin elected Councillor in 2010. He has been selected as the mayor of the London Borough of Southwark for the second time in 2022 and represents London Bridge & West Bermondsey. Cllr. Sunil Chopra is compassionate, is involved in supporting various groups and forums in the borough, and is dedicated to community service. He is a businessman. He holds the record of raising the most money ever through the borough’s Mayoral Charity Appeal. He has strong ties between the UK and India and encourages Indian entrepreneurs and business people to invest in the UK. He also has business connections in Turkey, Djibouti and the Far East. Cllr. Sunil Chopra graduated from the University of Delhi with a BA LLB. He is the Founder and trustee of the Southwark Hindu Centre and was appointed as Patron for BEDE.

Dr Parul Begum is from the UK. She is an international keynote speaker, award-winning life and leadership coach, and best-selling author. Dr Parul Begum has delivered thought-provoking keynotes to some of the industry’s most prominent corporations and organizations, including Global Women Club London, Global Woman Club Accra, and Relationship Communication Group based in the United States. Dr Parul champions the success of women and young girls who desire to build a sustainable life after harassment or abuse. As a Specialist Safeguarding Trainer, Dr Parul is the CEO and Founder of Arzaf Coaching Consultancy & Training Ltd, a global company that helps women who have experienced adversity, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, or childhood trauma. Dr Parul hosts a wildly popular podcast broadcast live on YouTube. She is the contributing author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book, ‘Strong and Free Vol2.’ She has authored two Books: Boost Your Confidence in 7 Days and Secrets to Unshakeable Confidence.

Chehreh Dashti is an independent prescriber practitioner and director of Cher Cosmetic Company. She has been practising aesthetic procedures for over 13 years and assessing and counselling individuals.

She has been given the opportunity to educate, encourage and make people feel better about themselves mentally and physically by applying relevant aesthetic procedures. She believes everyone deserves to feel better and look their best regardless of  age. She has talked about ‘Go against the ageing process. She believes that everyone deserves to feel better and look their best regardless of age.

The FameFinders News Portal also added, “All the honourable participants graced the occasion with their presence, shared their respective research, and discussed areas that need to be improved and the best practices that are required to be implemented for sustainable growth after the COVID-19 pandemic.”

All individuals shared their expert knowledge and talked about common challenges, shared best practices, and discussed ground-breaking research and technological advancements that can help us all to build sustainability after the covid-19 pandemic.

GRC 2023 hosted a Special book launch where two books were launched, including:

Authored by Vani Moodley’s and edited by Prof. Dr. Parin Somani ‘The Triumphs and Kafkaesque of Women Leaders,’ and ‘Manifest Inner Beauty: Part I’ authored by Prof. Dr. Parin Somani.

In addition, the GRC Prestigious award ceremony was held to facilitate the Best Student Presentation, Best Poster Presentation, Best Oral Presentation and Best Virtual Presentation selected by the audience during a live interactive session.

The winners were as follows:

Best Student Presentation: Nurbanu Somani.

Best Poster Presentation: Dr Leena Patel.

Best Oral Presentation: Aparna More.

Best Virtual Presentation: Catherin Cannon.

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani, the Director of LOSD, and her team were showered with immense gratitude for their incredible work in successfully carrying out the international conference. Prof. Dr. Somani worked tirelessly to ensure that GRC 2023 was memorable and special. GRC 2023 acknowledged King’s College, Cambridge and their team, sponsors including the international Global Research Journal, London Organisation of Skills Development (LOSD), their PR partner Famefinders and A2Z Video and Cinema, who captured the conference. The immense success of GRC 2023 has led them to announce that the next GRC 2024 conference will be held at the renowned Oxford University, England on 23rd – 26th March 2024. Visit or email to register your interest. Submit abstracts and register to share and receive knowledge at GRC, a world-class platform. Abstract Submission, Open Now!

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani and Prof. Dr. Hui Fang Huang Su, Assisted by Dr. Jia Borror, Co-PI, respectively, delivered Keynote Addresses. The list of eminent speakers included Dr. Angelica Wagner, Aparna More, Dr. Leena Patel, Martha Davidson, Wani Iris Manly, Esq, Kumkum Sheth, Vani Moodley, Yanick Séïde and Dana Bagnall.

Student Speakers Dr. Michelle Nemec and Nurbanu Somani  also presented their research.”

Prof.  Dr. Parin Somani – Keynote Speaker at Cambridge University

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani is from the UK. She is a director London Organisation of Skills Development, the Chief Editor of Global Research Journal, an Independent Academic Scholar, TEDx Speaker, Educator, International Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Banker, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, and Multi-International Award Winner.

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani has discussed The Impact of COVID-19 on Education & Inequalities. She has achieved eight Doctorate degrees and has been recognized Five times in the World Book of Records, Twice in the Indian Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, Karnataka Book of Records, and the Golden Book of World Records. To help global societies in the field of Education, Women Empowerment and Youth Development.

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani has travelled to more than 117 countries worldwide, published 41+ educational papers, newspapers/magazine articles, and 19 books, and featured in 100+ videos and 177+ newspapers/books for her amazing societal contribution. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has helped to educate 1,00,000+ people globally through her Humanitarian work. Hence, invited to deliver her research at Harvard University, USA and met many Governors of different States of India to discuss challenging issues to help global societies.

Prof.  Hui Fang Huang Su- Keynote Speaker – A Mathematical Genius

Prof. Hui Fang Huang (Angie) Su, Ed.D., is from Nova Southeastern University, USA. She is a professor with the Department of Education at the Abraham S. Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice.

She was honoured with the President’s Distinguished Professor of the Year Award 2017-2018, prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching from the National Science Foundation, the William T. Dwyer Award for Excellence in Teaching, Palm Beach County Elementary Mathematics Teacher of the Year, Walmart Teacher of the Year, State of Florida’s Little Red School House Award for School Principals (for Project MIND), and the Women of Distinction Award from the Soroptimist International.

Prof. Hui Fang Huang (Angie) Su is the past president of the Florida Distance Learning Association and FAMTE. Prof. Hui Fuang Su talked about Utilizing the Arts to Increase STEM Interest among High School Female Students.

Dr Jia Borror – Eminent Speaker – An Educational Leadership Person

Dr. Jia Borror received her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership in May 2012. Dr. Borror is a faculty member at NSU’s Abraham S. Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice. She has over 20 years of classroom teaching experience and holds National Board Certification. She teaches multiple courses in education at the Undergraduate, Master’s, and Educational Specialist levels in Curriculum and Instruction, Teacher and Educational Leadership, and Early Childhood Education. She is from the USA. Dr. Jia Borror assisted Prof. Hui Fang Huang Su as Co-Principal investigator of thae STEM research project. Her research areas include early childhood, elementary education, STEM education, teacher leadership, bullying, and emotional resilience.

Martha Davidson – Eminent Speaker – Mpowering Minds Now

Martha Davidson is from the USA. She is the Founder of Mpowering Minds Now, where her mission is to empower corporate leaders to use Neuroscience leadership practices and inspire midlevel managers, specifically in the STEM profession, to accelerate their desire to own a seat in the executive suite utilizing neuroscientific leadership strategies. Currently, less than 5% of African American Women in STEM rise to senior leadership, and less than 25% of women in technology are in leadership positions. She is Certified in Neuroscience Coaching and Leadership, specializing in Unconscious Bias, Corporate Leadership Consultancy and Speaker, focusing on Advocacy for women in Technology.

She is an International Speaker and Author passionate about empowering others to amplify their purpose and superpowers with the brain in mind. She has over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity as a global leader and influencer for Fortune 100 companies in the United States, the Royal Bank of Scotland and BCD Travel. Her mission is to empower 1,00,000 women in technology professions to thrive by 2024. She is a Google Women Techmaker Global Ambassador, and DEI advocate Truist Women in Tech.

Martha Davidson has discussed Sustaining Organizational Social Engagement Post Pandemic in Diverse Work Environments with Neuro-Leadership.

Dr. Angelica Wagner – Eminent Speaker – Gracefully Healing Humanity

Dr. Angelica Wagner is from the UK. As the Founder of the Grace Center for Healing and an author, Dr. Wagner has been a pioneer and global leader in creating profound life transformations for traumatic brain injury patients since 2009, when she almost lost her vision due to a traumatic brain injury. She incorporates cutting-edge non-drug brain techniques utilizing hertz frequencies of light, sound, orthomolecular nutrition, and essential oils to regenerate the brain.

She holds a Diplomate Award in Addictionology as a Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Bodytalk Pa Rama practitioner, Eastern Medicine Practitioner, and Access Consciousness Facilitator. Dr. Wagner has been awarded the top global neuroscientist and is a top 100 Global Doctor. She is the author of five books, including the bestselling series “Are You Ready for a Miracle? ™” and “‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’™.” Dr. Wagner has transformed lives in environments of schools, with veterans, athletes, disabled people, corporations, and populations of incarcerated institutions. She has dedicated her life to healing, teaching and speaking on international stages to inspire, empower and educate for the highest potential of a society struggling with the invisible wounds of mental health.

Dr. Angelica Wagner has talked about The Pharmacology and Neuro-Biology of Addiction in Japan.

Aparna More – Eminent Speaker – “I Am Enough”

Aparna More is from India. She has a software engineering degree and is a passionate International Yoga Therapist by profession. With eight years of experience, Aparna More has been living and teaching Yoga. She lives with the staunch belief that ‘I am enough” to make this place better. The purpose of her life is to spread the beauty and magic of Yoga at National and International levels.

Aparna More has a Diploma in Yoga Education and a Teacher’s Training Certification from the World Yoga Alliance. She contributes her efforts to helping people take their longest journey – the journey inwards through Yoga. Aparna More is specialized in rekindling hope in cancer survivors and people with disabilities and assisting people to start loving their lives again. She does this by helping these souls to connect with themselves. Aparna More is a recipient of the Best Yoga Therapist (2022) and an Indian Icon Women Personality (2019) from the Western India region for her contribution to the field of Yoga.

Aparna More has talked about YOGA – a need of today and ASSURANCE of tomorrow.

Dr. Leena Patel – Eminent Speaker – A World Record Holding Educator & Edupreneur

Dr. Leena Patel is the Founder and CEO of Global Entrepreneurial System (GES), one soul army certified by CERN & NASA. She is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Her hard work and dedication have resulted in her being awarded 19 International Awards and several titles. In addition, Dr. Leena Patel is a Brand Ambassador at four International/National Associations, and she is a World Record Holder for being an Educator & Edupreneur.

Dr. Leena Patel has talked about AI-based Sustainable Electricity Generation (AI-SEG), Written by Dr. Leena Patel and Dr. Avani Dave.

Wani Iris Manly, Esq – Eminent Speaker – An Award-Winning Change Advocate

Wani Iris Manly, Esq. is from France. She is a TEDx and award-winning Speaker on change, a business and IP lawyer, and a bestselling author. She’s the Founder of the speaking and global consultancy firm the House of Inspirational Business based in Paris, France, W. Manly, P.A., a boutique business and IP law firm, and Where Inspiration Meets Law®, which provides legal contract templates, resources, and education for entrepreneurs.

Wani has 19 years of international business, corporate, and IP law experience while working exclusively with C-suite executives of multinational and public companies, including, but not limited to, MasterCard, Inc., Visa Inc., and Office Depot Inc., to name a few throughout her career. Wani is the bestselling author of “Get Out of Survival Mode and Live the Life You Really Want” and is best known for her daredevil move from Miami to Paris – a city where Wani knew no one, not one word of French, without a Plan A, B, or C, purely on following universal signs over the course of a year that led her to Paris, clearly demonstrating that if you’re going to live life, why not live it daringly as an adventure. Wani’s philosophy for success in life and business is quite simple – you are under zero obligation to be the person you were five minutes ago, so change.

Wani Iris Manly, Esq, has talked about Change Is the Name of the Game for Building Sustainability After the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Kumkum Sheth – Eminent Speaker – Designing Global Fashion Statements

Kumkum Sheth is from Mumbai, India. She is a Director and Fashion Designer. She founded Kiyana’s wardrobe due to her passion for the world of fashion and design. She specializes in a broad range of fashion due to her vast experience dominantly in India, Dubai, and Singapore. She focuses on fusing Indo-western cultures through her designs and professional expertise.

Kumkum Sheth gained her BCom from Delhi University and was awarded her master’s degree MBA in Marketing from NMIMS (Mumbai). She is captivated by the thought processes of designing various garments and is inspired when clothes make cultural statements. Her flexibility in designing ethnic fashionwear led Kumkum Sheth to be awarded the Best Ethnic Designer of the Year 2021-22. She believes the best designs are simple yet amazingly adorned with smartly crafted products, exquisite artistry, and skills from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow.

Kumkum Sheth has talked about Fashion, Chinkankari, and Society.

Vani Moodley – Eminent Speaker – The Truth Illuminator Turning the Tide

Vani Moodley is from South Africa. She is the Chief Executive at Vani Moodley & Associates (Pty) Ltd, a global Entrepreneurship, Management, Leadership, and Employee Wellness training, consulting, coaching, and development company. She has thirty years of experience in the respective sectors. She has held national leadership positions in various institutions (Independent Business Enrichment Centre, founded and directed Vuka Uzithathe- An Institute for Gender and Economic Development) and served on numerous boards, including past chairman and founder member of Women Building our Africa Financial Services Primary Co-operative licensed by the Reserve Bank of South Africa, Past Vice President of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Past Chairman (Durban) and member of the National Board of Businesswomen’s Association, South Africa.

Vani Moodley has travelled, networked, presented conference papers and trained in 28 countries and four islands in the world and has provided services to clients such as Seda, The Dti, the GTZ (now GIZ), Oxfam America, The International Labour Organisation, The World Islamic Economic Forum, the Government of Nigeria and The World Bank International Finance Corporation (IFC), Global Training and Development Specialist and Consultant for WORKPLACE OPTIONS, a global EAP (Employee Assitance Provider) training senior leaders, managers and executives for multinational companies online and face to face.

She actively fosters international trade links between South African and global businesses. Vani Moodley has talked on: Illuminating Truth to Turn the Tide.

Dr Michelle Nemec – Student Speaker – Reinventing Minds and EQ Skills

Dr Michelle Nemec is from Australia. She is a change maker who changes those around her and reinvents herself by using mindset and EQ skills. Dr Michelle Nemec is a compelling and unforgettable speaker known for inspiring others. As a Keynote Speaker, she has addressed audiences across several continents. She will soon have earned her sixth degree, and her PhD investigated the role of emotional literacy in stakeholder wellbeing. She is an author and educationalist, a law graduate and MBA student, as well as a marathon runner and ocean swimmer who will swim around the Greek Island next year. Her experience in education, executive coaching and business set her apart as a lifelong learner and a person chasing adventures.

Dr Michelle Nemec talked about Reboot, Rebound, and Recoil – the Role of Resilience for Individuals and Organizations in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Nurbanu Somani – Student Speaker – Connecting People through Musical Therapy

Nurbanu Somani is from UK. She is a postgraduate researcher at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, exploring the therapeutic benefits of music to promote health and well-being in older adults with late-onset vision loss. She is passionate about connecting with people and bringing joy into their lives by promoting music as an outlet for comfort and emotional expression. Nurbanu Somani has discussed Music-based interventions, well-being, and vision impairment.’

Yanick Séïde – Eminent Speaker – Empowering Women to Get Educated

Yanick Séïde, M.Ed, is the Founder and CEO of Chrysalis Women Empowerment. A Certified Master Coach, facilitator, mentor, international speaker, and member of the International Society of Female Professionals. She is from Canada and provides life and career coaching, guiding professional women to get clarity, discover their innate talents and strengths, to have the purposeful life and career they aspire to.

Yanick Séïde has talked about The Experience of Re-Entry Women in Graduate School.

Dana Bagnall – Eminent Speaker – Making A Difference Because You Matter

Dana Bagnall is the Founder and CEO of Making A Difference Because You Matter, LLC. She is a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Bioenergetic Health Practitioner, and International Keynote Speaker. Dana is the Author of “Soulful Wellness Journey – Live Life Abundantly: A Collection of Soul Food Recipes Plant-Based & Gluten-free,” which includes a curated collection of wellness tips, nutritional charts, recipes, and a playlist of soulful sounds. She has partnered with top Fortune 100 financial organizations, leading national healthcare associations, and women business owners to educate them on how health impacts women’s wealth and the practical steps needed to become proactive – resulting in a citywide focus on this timely issue.

Dana is passionate about helping women over 40 and their loved ones heal from the inside out to release pain, stress, fatigue, trauma, depression, and anxiety, while energetically mastering their well-being so they can live more abundantly. She has facilitated the mentoring of college students who have experienced disadvantages and helped to bring success in their advancement academically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Dana contributes to bringing her expertise in counselling and advising with the public and private sectors to the services offered in her health and wellness academy.

Hailing from the USA, Dana Bagnall has talked about P.U.L.S.E: The Love Connection that Unifies & Sustains a Healthy Lifestyle with Purpose.

The team Fame Finders covered the event extensively – a source for the latest news and updates on various topics with accurate, timely, and informative news articles on various topics, including politics, entertainment, sports, technology, business, and more.

You Can Reach Your True Potential! With the London Organisation of Skills Development (LOSD)

Within contemporary life, numerous challenges have been presented to global societies. Although change is a key element in life, the covid-19 pandemic resulted in rapid change within economies, socially and politically. Technological advancements have facilitated societal progression in numerous ways, simultaneously creating challenges which require solutions. In an ever-changing global society, lifelong learning and skill development are vital to sustainable societal development.

Aims: In view of progressing global societies towards a united and prosperous future, the London Organisation of Skills Development (LOSD) has been created. There is an endeavour to help humanity through education, women empowerment, and youth development to facilitate specialised skill development. LOSD is an all-inclusive organisation passionate about educating students despite country, gender, religion, political or socio-economic standing.

Location: Although LOSD is based in London, United Kingdom, it has a global outreach. LOSD is dedicated to facilitating skill development. A vast range of courses in the English language are offered online and offline, which are designed to facilitate individuals towards reaching their true potential while bridging existing skill gaps.

Skill Development Courses

All LOSD courses are online professional learning courses accredited with CPD points by UK and EU-based Academic agencies. The affordable courses provide flexible learning, an opportunity to enhance CVs and improve career opportunities and employment prospects whilst facilitating personal development.

With a vast range of diverse courses to choose from, LOSD believes in pluralism and diversity, in addition to providing individuals with the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents through alternative platforms like beauty pageants. In addition, LOSD understands that physical and mental well-being is of utmost importance in contemporary life. Hence LOSD provides individuals with opportunities to participate in wellness retreats. LOSD has received awards for ‘Best Organisation of the Year 2022’ and is recognised as one of the ‘Top 20 Fastest Growing Start-ups of 2022’. You can enrol now for short-term and long-term courses. To register your interest and to collaborate with LOSD, please email or visit

LOSD Excellence Awards

LOSD acknowledges the contribution of outstanding individuals and organisations towards societal betterment. Hence, an annual award ceremony will be held to present the prestigious LOSD Excellence Awards held on 3rd December 2023 at the World Famous Cricket Ground LORDS, London with opportunities for individuals to nominate others and themselves in various categories.

Do you know an outstanding individual or organisation contributing to societal betterment?

Nominate them now for the LOSD Excellence Awards, or you can nominate yourself.

Choose from one of the three categories:


  • International Achiever.
  • Best Organisation.
  • Women Empowerment.
  • LOSD champion/Contribution to the Sector.
  • Humanitarian of the Year.
  • Philanthropist of the Year.
  • Best Mentor.
  • Most Contribution to their Field.
  • International Public Figure.
  • Leader of the Year.
  • Others


  • Best Educator.
  • Best Training Provider.
  • Best Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • Most Inspiring Person.
  • Best Speaker.
  • Motivational Speaker of the Year.
  • Lifetime Achievement.
  • Best Academician.
  • Best Professor of the Year.
  • Best Mentor.
  • Global Academician of the Year.


  • i-Play.
  • Outstanding Achievement.
  • Coach of the Year.
  • Best Sportsman.
  • Man of the Match.
  • Best Bowler.
  • Sportsman of the Year.
  • Man of the Series.
  • Best Organiser.
  • Best Umpire.

For more information, including eligibility and criteria, visit Nominations Open now!