Meenakshi: A Resilient Leader Fostering Constant STEM and Artistic Learning in Young Minds 


Passion has a way of driving individuals to achieve extraordinary feats. It ignites an inner fire that propels them to surmount personal and professional obstacles. For passionate artists, this burning desire is an indomitable, unstoppable, unyielding force. They channel their unwavering commitment, discipline, and focus into their craft, often transforming their passion into a profession and eventually savouring the sweet taste of success.

Meenakshi, a recipient of the Woman Inspiration and Mompreneur awards, personifies this spirit of relentless pursuit. A former IT professional, she is the visionary Founder and CEO behind Robotica and Art Splash Academy of Fine Arts, establishments that have thrived under her leadership since 2015. Robotica, a distinguished winner in Best Educational Start-up and Best Training Institution in STEM education, represents a testament to her dedication and innovation. Meanwhile, based on Trinity College London accredited courses, Art Splash Academy imparts training to students in various domains, including instruments, vocals, Bharatanatyam, and the fine arts.

Fostering A Modern STEM View

Robotica was conceived to educate today’s bright young minds eager to explore the realms of electronics and science. For those curious souls seeking to enhance their logical reasoning skills and cultivate a perspective on learning, Robotica has been a beacon for students as young as seven years old. In an educational landscape where robotics was rarely introduced at the school level, Meenakshi’s initiative broke new ground, offering a platform for students to engage with technology and innovation. This course is for those who are always curious and want to logically improve their reasoning ability and start thinking, designing and looking for perspective learning.

Her courses were met with enthusiasm and garnered appreciation from parents and students worldwide, including Dubai, Singapore, the US, and the UK.

While schools in Chennai began incorporating robotics much later, in 2019, Meenakshi was an early pioneer, introducing this transformative learning experience as far back as 2015. Her journey exemplifies the transformation of passion into a thriving profession. As a former IT professional, she navigated the ups and downs of her career, always following her heart.

Creating A Nurturing and Artist-Friendly Environment

Ultimately, she ventured into arts education, founding Art Splash Academy of Fine Arts in 2015 and creating a nurturing and artist-friendly environment for students to explore and flourish in their creative pursuits.

Meenakshi says, “At our present education system, Robotics was not taught at school level.” Only at the engineering level was it taught, and limited access and facilities made it a hard choice that was too late to proceed with. Also, the costs were exorbitant.

Every student who attended Robotics classes was glued to it, and all the parents appreciated the syllabus. “I had students from Dubai, Singapore, the US, and the UK too who completed these on fast track basis.”

Making a Meaningful Difference

According to Meenakshi, the inspiration to venture into the corporate world dawned upon her when the challenges of balancing a demanding 9-to-7 job with the responsibilities of a growing family became apparent after the birth of her second child. It was daunting to strike a harmonious equilibrium between work and family life. As a parent, she also observed a gap in hobby classes and educational institutes, particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and the arts. Many institutions appeared to follow a one-size-fits-all approach, lacking personalization and customization.

She adds, “What struck me was the absence of a personal touch from the owners or instructors, who seemed disconnected from their students’ genuine needs and aspirations. This realization fueled my inspiration to make a meaningful difference in this space. I firmly believed in prioritizing quality over quantity, ensuring effective branding and genuine customer satisfaction.”

Drawing from her background as a graduate of Master of Computer Applications (MCA) and her extensive experience in global ERP implementation, project management, and IT leadership, Meenakshi found the perfect intersection to establish her own institution and make a positive impact.

A Commendable Leadership Acumen

Meenakshi’s leadership is greatly admired for her unwavering commitment, exemplary service, unyielding reliability, and constant presence alongside her team and clientele, providing them with steadfast assurance. Her dedication to her work and her people is truly commendable. Whether her commitment to her professional responsibilities or her tireless service to her students and clients, Meenakshi’s leadership exemplifies steadfastness and dedication. Her reliability is a cornerstone of her leadership, instilling trust and confidence in those she interacts with. Above all, her unwavering presence and genuine commitment to being with and for her team and clients sets her apart as a remarkable leader. These values and qualities, deeply ingrained in Meenakshi’s leadership style, resonate strongly with those privileged to work alongside her.

Meenakshi’s success in her multifaceted role can be attributed to several unique selling points (USPs) that set her apart in education and arts. Her curriculum is thoughtfully designed, encompassing a wide range of topics that cater to the diverse interests of her students. The meticulous lesson planning ensures that each student receives a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. With a team of experienced and child-friendly faculties, she fosters a nurturing learning environment that encourages creativity and personal growth.

Furthermore, her strategic collaborations and certifications add value to her programs, ensuring students receive the best training and recognition. However, the robust feedback system she has established truly distinguishes her. This system allows students to track their progress and provides valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Meenakshi’s dynamic and multitalented personality positions her as a leader who understands the evolving needs of her students and adapts her offerings accordingly. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to fostering a holistic educational experience make her a standout figure in her field, earning her the respect and admiration of students and parents.

Harnessing the Power of Advanced Tech

As an experienced leader in the education and arts industry, Meenakshi recognizes the profound impact of modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) on her field. AI’s efficiency in handling complex tasks and ML’s ability to identify patterns in extensive datasets to address specific issues are transformative capabilities with great promise. She understands these technologies can revolutionize how students learn and interact with various art forms.

Embracing change and evolution has always been a fundamental principle in her approach to education. Meenakshi firmly believes that adaptation and continuous upgrading are essential to staying relevant and effective in the ever-evolving education landscape. By harnessing the power of AI and ML, she aims to enhance the learning experience for her students, offering them new opportunities and insights that align with the changing demands of the modern world.

Outwitting the Obstacles

In the current industry scenario, Meenakshi has faced several challenges as a woman leader but has persevered with determination and vision. One notable challenge has been expanding the reach of her educational initiatives. While conducting workshops at select schools and colleges, she envisions a broader impact and has the potential to serve many more students. Overcoming this hurdle involves expanding the scope of regular sessions and introducing elective subjects and customized curricula tailored to the specific needs of schools and colleges.

In this endeavour, competition exists, but Meenakshi’s unique and innovative curriculum sets her apart. To address this challenge, she understands the importance of effective marketing strategies and reaching a wider audience. Meenakshi views this phase as a kick-start opportunity to propel her initiatives to greater heights, providing more students with access to high-quality arts and STEM education. Her commitment to making a difference remains unwavering, and she continues to overcome obstacles in her path to achieve her vision of offering a unique and enriching learning experience.

A Powerful Advice

Meenakshi’s advice to budding entrepreneurs, particularly women entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into any industry of their choice, is concise yet powerful: “Please do it now. Never postpone. The earlier, the better.” With this straightforward guidance, she emphasizes the importance of taking action and pursuing one’s entrepreneurial dreams without delay. Procrastination can often hinder progress, but Meenakshi’s message encourages individuals, especially women, to seize the moment, embrace their ambitions, and embark on their entrepreneurial journeys with determination and enthusiasm. Her words serve as an inspiring call to action for those who aspire to make their mark in the business world.

Nurturing A Creative Future

Looking ahead to the future, Meenakshi envisions further expansion and growth for her initiatives. She expresses openness to collaborating with schools and colleges, both through regular sessions and workshops, as a means to broaden the reach of their training programs. This strategic approach reflects her commitment to providing valuable educational experiences to a wider audience, ultimately contributing to the nurturing of talent and creativity in students. By fostering these collaborations, Meenakshi aims to continue positively impacting STEM education and the arts, helping individuals unlock their full potential and pursue their passions. Her forward-thinking outlook underscores her dedication to creating meaningful learning and personal growth opportunities.

An Inclusive Trailblazer

According to Meenakshi, an outstanding woman leader in business should possess a combination of key qualities and traits. She emphasizes the importance of nurturing and growing one’s team, recognizing that success often hinges on collaborative efforts and a win-win mindset.

Additionally, she highlights, “Resilience is a crucial trait. So I advise leaders never to quit and to continually seek opportunities for learning and taking calculated risks.”

Meenakshi’s perspective underscores the significance of leadership that is both inclusive and driven by a constant pursuit of growth and excellence.