India: Top 5 Market for Ogilvy Global, CEO Notes Growth Potential


Devika Bulchandani, the global CEO of Ogilvy, highlighted India’s significant position as a growth market. She underscored that India is among Ogilvy’s top five markets and plays a pivotal role in the company’s growth strategy. Bulchandani also emphasized that India boasts some of the best creative talents within the organization. Additionally, Ogilvy operates with a substantial-tech team of over 1,000 professionals in Coimbatore and Hyderabad, managing campaigns and technological aspects. This tech-savvy approach further solidifies India’s importance on Ogilvy’s growth agenda.

In a notable development, Piyush Pandey, a stalwart in the Indian advertising industry with over four decades of dedicated service at Ogilvy, is set to transition into an advisory role within the company. This transition has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response, with longstanding clients expressing their support for this strategic move. Piyush Pandey’s immense experience and deep understanding of the Indian market make him a valuable asset in his new advisory capacity, ensuring Ogilvy continues to thrive in the dynamic Indian advertising landscape.

With Devika Bulchandani’s recognition of India’s significance as a growth market and Piyush Pandey’s transition into an advisory role, Ogilvy appears poised to further strengthen its presence and creative excellence in India, fostering continued success and innovation in the field of advertising and marketing.

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