Dr Seema Singh: A Visionary Guide Empowering the Next Generation of Women Leaders

Dr Seema Singh
Dr Seema Singh

It is welcoming news that Lok Sabha has passed a much-awaited Women’s Reservation Bill, giving them one-third or 33% of seats in Lok Sabha and state assemblies. However, what women truly deserve is long-deprived and constantly denied equality amidst society. Even after a millennium, they have been denied what is birth-rightfully theirs. Yet, the first step toward realising a dream of an equal society has just been taken. 

Behind this achievement lies the longest battle of countless mighty women leaders, stalwarts, freedom fighters, social reformists, barrier breakers, convention challengers, and stigma disruptors. 
Dynamic Women Leaders like Savitribai Phule, Sindhutai Sapkal, Tarabai Shinde, Pandita Ramabai, Anandibai Joshi, Kadambini Ganguly, and many more. 

What they all share in common is that they achieved success and freedom by getting educated first in a society where they were never allowed to get their basic human rights at all. Celebrating their struggle, fight, and victory today, ever than before, what we urgently need are more and more monumental spirits like them. 
Dr Seema Singh, the Founder and Director of Avirat Project Solutions, is one leader who can really bring future transformation in the educational sector. Dr Singh possesses all the traits that she wishes a dynamic woman leader in business should have. 

A Powerfully Empathetic Chieftain 

In her view, any dynamic female leader must have a blend of qualities that sets her apart from the crowd and allows her to lead. Strong communication skill is a must, as one should be able to express their ideas and strategies clearly and with a vision. In the current world scenario, where technology, climate, global leadership and market segments change so rapidly, 
adaptability plays a very crucial role. This trait enables leaders to navigate uncertainty and guide their teams through challenges. With changes comes an array of ups and downs; being able to rise back up and overcome those failures and downs is essential. A leader is always one who leads and cares about their employees and their peers. A powerful quality of empathy enables a leader to show that she cares for the team.  

The testament to Dr Singh being that leader comes from the love, respect, appreciation, recognition, and praise she receives from her peers and immensely satisfied clientele. 

In his praise, Naresh Patel, the Managing Trustee of M.R Patel Educational Institute, says, “
I am delighted to share my heartfelt admiration for Dr Seema Singhan exceptional leader who has consistently elevated our institution to unparalleled heights. Under Dr Singh’s visionary guidance, our institution has flourished into a nurturing haven for education and character development. She possesses an uncanny ability to blend her empathetic approach with strategic thinking. It is an honour to have Dr Seema Singh at the helm of our institution, guiding us towards a future brimming with possibilities. Her exceptional leadership is a testament to her unwavering dedication, and her impact will undoubtedly continue to be felt for generations to come.”

Similarly, Dhairya Desai, the Academic Counsellor at Florescent Public School, says, “
Dr Seema Singh, a phenomenal leader who has transformed our school under her visionary guidance. Her innovative ideas, paired with her meticulous attention to detail, have redefined our approach to education and administration. She leads with an open heart, making herself approachable to all members of the school community. Her mentorship and guidance have not only empowered me but have also instilled a deep sense of camaraderie within our team. I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of our institution’s journey under Dr Singh’s tutelage. Her transformative leadership, boundless enthusiasm, and relentless pursuit of excellence continue to inspire us all.”

Constantly Shaping the Future

Dr Singh’s journey from a mother to a dynamic leader has been long and exceptional. Regaling the saga of her entrepreneurship, Dr Singh recalls that earlier in the days, she came across a beautiful quote by an avid visionary who happens to be the then president of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He said, “
A dream is not that which you see while sleeping; it is something that does not let you sleep.”  

She adds, “These words had a profound impact on me. I started by following my passion to give back to the community through education – a pathway to reach the masses. I started my journey as an educationist and made steady changes to the institution and the sector, thriving for perfection. I decided to be resilient, go through all the ups and downs, and facing every twist and turn to finally end up at the establishment of Avirat Project Solutions.”

For Dr Singh, venturing into the corporate world stems from a desire for professional growth, new challenges, and applying educational leadership skills in a larger setting to have a broader horizon of impact. The inspiration to be in the education industry arises from a deep passion for fostering learning, shaping young minds, and making a lasting impact that would be a stepping stone for the future of our country. She also thinks she can play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation.

A Resilient Problem Solver

As we read earlier, those who know her greatly admire Dr Singh for her leadership skills, values, and exceptional qualities. According to her, any admired leadership skills consist of a good blend of empathy, effective communication, and visionary thinking. Being a mother also helps acquire skills such as being someone who genuinely listens, understands, and supports students, teachers, and staff and fosters a positive and inclusive culture. “When you are in an industry that deals with a younger population prone to mischief, you become quite adept at problem-solving resilience and carve a path ensuring it to be student-centred,” she says.

Additionally, being a mother, a leader, and an author while working in the education sector becomes a USP when it provides Dr Singh with a multifaceted perspective on the hiccups faced and strategically thinking of the solutions. Empathy and understanding are enhanced, enabling a deeper connection with her peers and the students and relieving the parents of having a leader who makes student-centric judgements. Juggling multiple roles throughout the day demands exceptional time-management skills and being able to organise the day beforehand. Being an author reflects a commitment to lifelong learning and the ability to communicate effectively, something that being successful in today’s world has become essential. “
I would conclude by saying that my USP embodies a leader who believes in nurturing care, strategic vision, and a passion for continuous growth to develop the society,” she states. 

Developing Fail-Safe Methods

Sharing more about her professional offering and aspects that make her stand out in today’s knowledge economy, Dr Singh says that as a leader, one stands out through a dynamic fusion of visionary leadership adaptive approaches. “It is important that we recognise the ability to envision the future and also to integrate cutting edge technologies in decision making while adhering to the fail-safe methodologies available to us,” she says, adding that she prefers to emphasise on emotional intelligence and character building of the peers enhancing their readiness for complex professional and social environments as the world moves towards a knowledge economy.

Tech-Integrated Human Connect

Being an experienced leader, sharing her opinion on technology, Dr Singh says that adopting modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) profoundly impacts almost all industries. Such advancement has led to a very personalized learning experience for the educational and corporate sectors, which has been unheard of till now. Virtual assistants streamline administrative tasks, allowing important aspects to be in the spotlight and be addressed head-on. Artificial intelligence and computerization have become very helpful in large data calculation. Nonetheless, human expertise remains pivotal in interpreting data nuances and strategic planning. “However, we must ensure a balance between tech integration and human connection to preserve the essence of humanity and a sense of community that lingers in the workplace.”

Fostering Gender-Equal Environment

Dr Singh feels that being in any industry currently, as a female leader, one is bound to encounter various challenges 
that would highlight the requirement for more discussion and understanding of gender equality and diversityThe scarcity of female role models at higher echelons further complicates the issue and limits women’s representation. She adds, “I prioritize self-awareness and self-confidence, focusing on my abilities rather than succumbing to stereotypes.” Adhering to and promoting gender diversity and creating an environment where skills are recognized irrespective of gender. She encourages open dialogues with colleagues and family to maintain a healthy equilibrium. Ultimately, her resilience, continuous learning, and collaborative efforts contribute to breaking down gender-related barriers and fostering an environment where women leaders thrive.

Invaluable Perspectives

Dr Singh insists that dynamic women leadership is crucial in today’s industrial environment. “As our world becomes increasingly interconnected and diverse, the perspectives and skills female leaders bring to the table are invaluable. We have seen micro industries to macro and even nations, for that matter, flourishing under women’s leadership.” 

Housing several essential traits that she thinks are very important in today’s complex, fast-paced, and global platform in which we all function. A woman as a leader would serve as a powerful representation and a symbol of inspiration to millions of women in future. With AI, remote work, and digital platforms becoming more prevalent, barriers related to traditional workplace structures may erode, allowing women to showcase their leadership potential on a global scale.

Cultivating Deeply Passionate Wisdom

Dr Singh’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to have immense passion and perseverance and think strategically. ‘It takes a lot to cultivate a deep passion for the industry you wish to enter. Entrepreneurship is built on failure as a stepping stone rather than a full stop. Learn from your mistakes, adapt swiftly, and remain resilient in the face of adversity. Networking with mentors, experts, and potential clients is an essential process of building an empire. While networking, always clearly articulate your vision, value proposition, and brand story to resonate with customers, investors, and stakeholders.’

Creating the Mighty Leaders of Tomorrow

Finally, she believes that looking ahead as a woman leader means working in ways that help everyone. One important thing is ensuring everyone is treated fairly and equally, no matter who they are. “
I wish to learn new skills and methods and technological advancements.” The things and tools would allow and empower her to give back to the community. 

Collaboration will remain a cornerstone. Partnering across sectors and industries will foster holistic solutions to complex challenges. Dr Singh ends her discussion with an enlightening hope, “
As a leaderI wish to mentor and empower the next generation of women as a matter of paramount importance, nurturing a pipeline of capable leaders.”

We at Women World India are honoured to have 
Dr Seema Singh as the winner of this edition, ‘Dynamic Women Leaders to Watch in 2023.’ On behalf of our readers, we wish Dr Singh all the best in all her future endeavours.