Cognizant Introduces the Women’s Shakti Initiative


In an effort to advance careers and increase women’s leadership in technology, IT company Cognizant has started a project called Shaktiprabhi, which consists of a number of women-focused programs and initiatives. The business and Nasscom have also joined forces to develop and prioritize best practices that would make diversity and inclusion (D&I) a crucial differentiator for India’s software industry.

Ravi Kumar S, CEO of Cognizant, stated in a statement, “In keeping with our priority to become an employer of choice in our industry, Cognizant is committed to weaving diversity and inclusion into everything we do—how we recruit and hire, develop, promote, engage and retain our talent.”

“Shakti will accelerate our efforts to help more women realize their full potential and advance in their jobs. A diverse and inclusive workforce is necessary for growth, creativity, and client-centricity; this is especially true as generative AI becomes more and more integrated into the workplace. “We will witness a shift in the most fundamental human ability from solving problems to identifying problems, emphasizing the importance of cognitive diversity,” he continued.

More than half of Cognizant‘s 13 Indian locations have more than 40% female employees, with two of the biggest centers currently having female directors. According to Nasscom, the average gender diversity in the IT industry is approximately 36%.

At Nasscom, we think that in order for companies to accelerate their journeys towards diversity, fairness, and inclusion, it is essential to prioritize best practices and measure regularly. In order to support organizations in consciously integrating inclusion efforts into their culture and values, we will keep promoting the sharing of best practices and policies, encouraging innovation, building stronger relationships with customers and stakeholders, and ultimately assisting them in achieving long-term success “said Debjani Ghosh, president of Nasscom.

Cognizant wants to reframe its present policies and programs and unify all of its women-centric initiatives under one roof through Shakti.

The recently launched RISE program, which aims to develop leadership skills for mid-level women associates in India, “Propel,” a global program that empowers women at senior levels to accelerate their careers through coaching and mentoring, “Returnship,” a 12-week paid program that equips women with the skills they need to resume work after a career break, and “Be Gritty,” which teaches new hires on campus how to adopt a growth mindset, are all part of Shakti.

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