Aiming to Increase Women in Indian Aviation to 25% by 2025: DGCA

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The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued an advisory aimed at increasing female participation in India’s aviation workforce to 25% by 2025, in a move to combat gender bias and bolster women empowerment. Currently, women occupy roles ranging from 5% to 14% across different sectors within Indian aviation, with pilots showing the highest representation at 14%. Recent years have seen a notable rise in female pilot enrollments, evidenced by 294 out of 1,622 commercial pilot licenses issued in 2023 going to women—a significant increase from the 240 licenses issued in 2022.

DGCA Director General Vikram Dev Dutt emphasized the advisory’s call for stakeholders to actively enhance women’s representation through leadership and mentorship initiatives, challenge stereotypes and bias, and foster improved work-life balance for female employees.

The advisory extends to airlines and airports, urging them to monitor and address gender disparities, establish systems for tracking diversity progress, set specific diversity goals for recruitment, ensure equitable representation in hiring processes, promote female involvement in committees and task groups, adhere to statutory maternity leave provisions, and enforce a zero-tolerance stance against workplace harassment.

DGCA’s directive underscores a strategic push towards inclusivity and gender equality within India’s aviation sector, aiming not only to diversify the workforce but also to create an environment conducive to the professional growth and empowerment of women.

Recently it was observed that women have been efficient elements in several levels of the workforce, making it key aspect of increasing the participation of women.

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