A Bengaluru Professional Secures a position at Microsoft after Submitting 30 + Applications

A Bengaluru Professional Secures a position at Microsoft after Submitting 30 + Applications
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“I love Microsoft… I applied more than 30 times and got rejected. But I kept trying,” said 24-year-old software developer Haimantika Mitra.

Haimantika Mitra persevered through over 30 attempts before finally securing a position with her dream company, Microsoft. The 24-year-old, who learned to code through a self-learning skills program offered by the tech giant, described it as a significant milestone in her life. However, she decided to resign after a year.

In an interview, Mitra explained that after a year with the company, she realized she desired a different role and faster career growth than what Microsoft’s workplace culture allowed. Consequently, she left and accepted a desired position at another company, although she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of returning to Microsoft in the future.

Originally from Siliguri and currently residing in Bengaluru, Mitra became acquainted with the Microsoft community during the Covid pandemic. Through interactions with members, including engineers and senior professionals, she found herself increasingly drawn to the company.

“The first technical group that I actively participated in was the Microsoft Student Ambassador community, and that’s when I really started to develop a fondness for Microsoft tools,” she shared with the sources. “Being a part of this community gave me the opportunity to engage with engineers and senior professionals, which made me appreciate the company’s work culture. Gradually, I realized that Microsoft was my dream company, and I was determined to work there.”

However, there were numerous obstacles along the way. Mitra hailed from Siliguri, a small town in West Bengal, where job opportunities were scarce. Undeterred, she persistently searched for openings posted by Microsoft on its website and applied for various positions.

“I applied more than 30 times and faced rejection each time. But I didn’t give up,” she recounted. “I kept applying for roles in software development, technical consultancy, and even internships.”

When conventional methods failed, Mitra’s attention was caught by a hackathon opportunity.

“In December 2020, I learned about a nationwide hackathon organized where Microsoft was planning to hire support engineers from the participants,” Mitra recounted, mentioning her swift application and subsequent shortlisting from a pool of 11,000 applicants.

Although she didn’t advance to the final round of the hackathon, Mitra’s performance impressed Microsoft recruiters, leading to interview opportunities. After successfully completing two rounds of interviews, she was offered an internship.

“My internship commenced in April 2021, and after three months, I underwent two more rounds of interviews before securing a full-time position,” Mitra explained.

Initially hired as a support engineer, Mitra expressed that while she cherished her time at Microsoft, the role didn’t align precisely with her aspirations. “I have a deep admiration for Microsoft, but my role as a support engineer wasn’t exactly my ideal career path.”

She actively explored other opportunities within the company, interviewing for different roles, but was unable to secure a position in India. Due to company policies, she was also restricted from pursuing roles in other countries.

“I came to realize that in order to be considered for other, more desirable positions at Microsoft, I would need to remain in the support engineer role for several years. However, I desired a faster career trajectory and felt that spending two to three years solely in this role might diminish my relevance in the industry. That’s why I made the decision to resign.”

Currently employed at another tech company in Bengaluru, Mitra’s affinity for Microsoft remains strong. “I would be eager to rejoin the company if an appropriate opportunity arises in the future. Perhaps not immediately, but certainly someday,” she affirmed.

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