7 Leadership Lessons Men Can Learn from Women


Written by Dr. Satinder Malhotra

“Female leaders are known for their willingness to treat their team members and clients with humility, which determines their leadership effectiveness.”

You may have heard that women are more competent leaders than men. This belief is often questioned by the argument that if men are in charge of all industries, they must be more effective, and women must behave similarly.

When we compare the leaders’ poor results, the argument fails apart entirely. The real issue is not a shortage of capable and competent women; rather, they face too many obstacles in comparison to men.

Many research studies also reveal that the men being senior leaders are not always the result of superior leadership; instead, there are differences in direction. The logical flip is to challenge men to adopt effective leadership behaviors that are typically seen in women rather than urging women to work like male leaders. We have compiled seven main lessons that men should learn from women:


One of the most essential qualities of a leader is empathy. Most women are empathetic by nature and place a high importance on relationships. This gives them a deeper understanding of what motivates and inspires people, as well as how to recognise different people for their achievements.”

Put people ahead of yourself

When your primary emphasis is on yourself, it’s difficult to turn a group of people into a high-performing team. People who see leadership as a glorified job destination and personal achievement are too self-centered to care about their teams and help their subordinates reach their full potential. Leaders can be self-centred to a fault that it affects everyone else around them. Good leaders understand that if they need to build a high-performing team, they must concentrate on the people. This is something women are excel at. Women will nurture colleagues, care for their well-being, and assist them in realising their full potential. Men, on the other hand, are more concerned with goals and deadlines than with the people with whom they deal.


Instead of being arrogant and egoistic, leaders should be humble and understanding. In reality, there are well-established gender disparities in modesty, with women gaining the upper hand. Humility is an inherent quality found in women. Women leaders are more likely to be compassionate and kind, and they excel at establishing a strong emotional bond with their team leaders. Female leaders are known for their willingness to treat their team members and clients with humility, which determines their leadership effectiveness, as compared to male leaders. Once men start following these characteristics that women possess, they can be well on their way to becoming effective leaders.

Elevate others:

Female leaders have been shown to be stronger mentors and coaches than male leaders. They use the appropriate suggestions to assist others in growing and maintaining more stable relationships with employees. Men, on the other hand, are less likely to elevate others because of their egos and self-focused attitudes.

Giving credit to others:

Men have a tendency to be self-centered, making it difficult for them to praise other team members. Some people are more concerned with pursuing higher salaries and senior positions, and they seldom give credit to others. Women, on the other hand, are always eager to lead their teams forward. Rather than being self-centred, they tend to nurture those around them.

Transformation with motivation:

According to the latest research it has been found that women can lead with inspiration and change common perceptions and attitudes among those around them. Women are more effective in aligning people with a goal than men. As a result, they will ensure higher team participation, better productivity, and enhanced performance.

Know your limitations:

We live in a world where people talk about self-confidence, but they should be more concerned about self-awareness. It’s not uncommon for these two to have a disagreement or even common to see a conflict between these two. According to some reports, it has been found that men are more overconfident than women, and as they often try to hide their weaknesses. Men need to prepare themselves to recognize their weaknesses and develop strategies to improve their performance.

Don’t lean in:

Women are forced to lean in to qualities such as confidence, boldness, and assertiveness as a result of current trends. Males, on the other hand, are known for their self-promotion, aggressive behaviour, and taking credit for other’s achievements. People should value the leadership roles’ abilities because there is no association between leaning in and being good at something. While assigning a typical work, it is important to perform some scientific research.